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A Unified Mission

Hunts Point Forward represents a shared vision between the City and community that will guide future planning and investment in Hunts Point.

Realizing the community’s desires, as highlighted throughout the planning process, will require proactive and sustained dialogue between the City and the community, as well as ongoing collaboration and partnership.

This plan’s recommendations cover a range of issues and are a mix of concrete City or community-led commitments, suggestions for local stakeholders, and potential avenues for CBO-led advocacy (noted as Advocacy recommendations) to address citywide issues or goals that go beyond the purview of the City. Recommendations have been identified as achievable in the Near Term (0-3 years), Medium Term (3-6 years), or Long Term (6+ years).

It’s powerful that there is a document that exists that summarizes the vision for this community, and that it is informed by community stakeholders. Because there is a concrete plan, we can now make it actionable, and hold folks accountable, and advocate for what is in that plan.

Haydee Morales
Executive Director of Casita Maria
Rafael Salamanca Jr., New York City Council Member, 17th District on Hunts Point Vision Forward Plan

The son of first-generation Puerto Rican immigrants, Council Member Salamanca grew up in the Bronx understanding the value of hard work and the importance of giving back to the community.

Vision Framework

Through partnership between Hunts Point and the City of New York, our vision is for Hunts Point to be a safe, healthy, thriving community for all residents—especially youth and families—visitors, and businesses. Our goals include:

I. Healthy Bodies & Minds: Develop resources and programs that encourage healthy bodies and minds.

II. A Livable Environment: Create infrastructure that supports a safe, clean, and resilient neighborhood for everyone.

III. Connectivity: Ensure transportation across various modes is safe, efficient, convenient, and affordable.

IV. Shared Prosperity: In coordination with local community-based organizations (CBOs), create an inclusive economy that fosters prosperity for workers and residents, supports local businesses, and prepares youth to participate in the local and regional economy.

V. Accountability: Support community work through better coordination and planning with the City and increasing the financial resilience and sustainability of community-based groups.

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